Join the movement and sign the petition online or download and print copies to collect more signatures in your community!


Tell somebody!

Talk to your friends, family and neighbours. Ask them if they know about the ban and about the plight of sharks. Do they know about shark finning?

Share videos!

Watch Sharkwater, and show them the online videos to learn more about saving sharks and how people are making a difference across the globe.

Educate others!


Support the Fin Free campaigns with a donation to United Conservationists!


Hosting a screening or event is a simple and engaging way to raise awareness and get involved in supporting the shark fin ban in Canada.

Here is what you need to know to host your screening:

# 1 – You may screen Sharkwater for FREE for educational, not for profit events. UC is offering Sharkwater DVDs in eco-sleeves to Fin Free supporters for a donation of $10 to UC plus $5 shipping and handling. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery. CONTACT US to arrange your copy today! Amounts are quoted in USD. Please specify Region 1 or Region 2 (Canadian and UK versions available only)

# 2 – The sky is the limit! Your screening can be as big or small as you like. It can be a family movie night or an event at a local theatre, school, community hall or even a nightclub! It can be part of a bigger event or part of a class project. Whatever you decide, just know that you are helping to raise awareness and are supporting shark conservation in your own community!

How to organize a screening

D.T.L (Date, Time, Location)

Find a venue that will accommodate the size of audience you expect. Check local theatres, community centers, libraries, church halls, schools and even restaurants, hotels or galleries that have meeting and event spaces.

Pick a time and date that best suits your audience. The venue may be able to suggest times and days that are popular, and be considerate when scheduling times for screenings with kids!

Gather your tools

Make sure you have a DVD of the film, and that Audio and Video set up is working correctly at your venue. Make sure you have all the cables you need!

Download copies of the petition, information sheet and other resources and make enough copies for the event. Make sure you have all the information you need to help educateand inspire your audience.

Get the word out!

Every great movie needs an audience – so invite yours! You can start a facebook http://www.facebook.com/finfree group or tweet about it, phone your friends or Evite them!

Download our screening poster to help promote your event. Simply fill in the D.T.L (date, time and location) and if you have sponsors, check to see if they want their logo on the poster – you can easily add it on before photocopying.

If you are hosting a public event, talk to your local newspapers, radio stations and any local schools or universities – these are great ways to reach out to generate a diverse and theatre-filling audience!

Writing up a detailed and short press release is a great way to give all the media types you are reaching out to an idea of what the film is about, why it’s important to come see it and where and when it is going to be shown!

Managing costs and Fundraising

If there is a fee being charged for renting the theatre or venue, get creative on how to pay for it. Talk to local businesses/organizations/companies about sponsoring the event. If you decide to charge an admission, this is a great way to raise funds and cover your costs!

Although Sharkwater is granting screenings free of charge, any donations are appreciated. Contributions may be made to United Conservationists the NGO fuelling Fin Free campaign and other shark conservation efforts worldwide.

At the Event

Prior to the film starting is a great opportunity to welcome the audience. Tell them why this film is important and why you wanted to share it with them. Remind them that the information sheets and petitions are available and that donations (if you are accepting) will still be accepted after the film. Suggest they think of questions to discuss, and of course, to please turn off their phones. Remember, have fun!

The event is a great time to have available information, petitions and letters to city council available for your audience members. If they are not interested before the movie screening, odds are they will be inspired to after the film, so make sure everything is still available!

Information sheets, petitions and letters to city councillors are available for download on the website.

Ask them to visit www.fin-free.com and get involved in saving sharks!

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