Fin Free Campaign

Fin Free is a global campaign addressing a very real issue: the mass slaughter of sharks to supply a growing consumer demand for shark fin. We believe that to protect sharks and ensure their continued existence, governments must get involved and institute legislation that bans the sale and trade of shark fin.


1. Address the issues from a positive, balanced perspective
2. Ensure cultural sensitivities through a responsible and respectful approach
3. Seek and provide accurate, factual, thoughtful and reasonable information
4. Educate and build awareness. Work with – not against.
5. Unite the passion of many to make a difference with a common voice.

6. Present solutions and provide alternatives.
7. Provide very meaningful ways to make a difference.

Fin Free does not condone, endorse or tolerate any form of discrimination, threats, or any words or actions that relate negatively to anyone regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, age, religion or gender or sexual preference. We believe communities everywhere can and should work together to affect positive change.

Fin Free will not draw attention to or tolerate any negative or hateful comments, images, or videos posted on websites or social media. We will report and remove any such materials as within our capacity and encourage others to do the same. We believe misdirected and misguided comments and actions are a reflection of lack of awareness on the issues and we will work to better inform, and promote positive messages in response.

Report inappropriate comments or activities at finfreehotline[at]unitedconservationists[dot]org