Take Action

There are many ways to take action - from your computer, home, office, school and community. You can make a difference and be a United Conservationists in every aspect of your life.

Here are some critical things we need help with right now.

    1. Have you signed our Fin Free petition?
    2. Get noisy about us. Send our campaigns to your friends and networks. Post it, tweet it, blog about it!
    3. Give what you can. Become a founding member of UC. You can get some seriously cool perks
    4. Join our mailing list and help us grow it.
    5. Do good while having fun - play "Hungry Shark Evolution".
    6. Inspire others. Hold your own personal fundraising drive. Invite them to be a member of UC, just like you!
    7. Host a local Sharkwater screening. Contact us.

Visit United Conservationists and learn more about our campaigns and how you can protect ecosystems. Join us, be a United Conservationist.