Q: Do I need to be a Canadian resident to sign the petition?

A: Support is welcome from anywhere, however the goal is to collect 20,000 signatures from Canada, so please connect with Canadian residents and ask them to sign, and if you are a resident, be sure to include your postal code to help track the signatures

Q: Do I have to put my address?

A: Please include at least your postal code when signing so that we can verify signatures from Canadian as well as each Ward. Please include your complete address whenever possible.

Q: Can my children or students sign?

A: YES. The support from youth is important. Please encourage parents to sign too!

Q: When is the deadline to submit signed petitions?

A: The next phase of the motion is coming up in October. Please submit signed petitions to us before October 10th so that they will be counted prior to the full council vote.

Q: Can I write letters to other Councillors as well?

A: Yes! It’s important to reach out and make direct connections with each city councillor. Tell them why it is important to you and ask them to support the ban!

Q: How do I plan a Fin Free screening event?

A: Visit the TAKE ACTION section on how to plan a Sharkwater Screening or event in your community.

Q: Where can I get a Sharkwater DVD?

A: UC is offering Sharkwater in eco-sleeves to Fin Free supporters for donation of $10 to UC and $5 shipping and handling. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. Contact Us to arrange your copy today. Amounts are in USD please specify Region 1 or Region 2 (Canadian and UK versions available only)

Q: Where can I make a donation to support the Fin Free campaign?

Donations can be made directly to United Conservationists through our website and Pay Pal

Q: How does the ban become a law?

A: There are different steps involved in passing city bylaws and provincial laws. Learn more about the process and how to affect change on our EDUCATION page

Q: Can I start a petition in my city?

A: Sure! Getting involved in affecting positive change is important. Do it right – educate yourself on >how bans work and talk to your local representatives. There may already be a movement happening in your area, so check out facebook, the local papers, ask around or ask us to make sure your efforts are focused.