United Conservationists, Inc. (UC) is dedicated to creating media that inspires, educates, connects, and encourages action to protect the ecosystems that we depend on for survival.

We are the next generation of conservationists, reinvigorating and reinventing conservation as we know it. The conservation movement today isn’t effective enough. Nearly every nation’s emissions have increased since Kyoto, and our consumption and destruction is rising as exponentially as our population. Deforestation, overfishing, habitat loss, and extinctions are all issues we’ve known of for decades, yet they have all gotten worse. Studies show that individual actions alone can’t solve our environmental crisis. Governments and corporations need to do their part but historically only change with public pressure.

This kind of change requires new methods, new tools and a new way to organize in the fight to protect our environment and empower citizens.

Enter United Conservationists. We know from experience this kind of change is possible and that this change snowballs. UC is building upon this experience and approach to achieve far broader and more aggressive goals. Through media, online communities, empowering tools, tangible action plans and youth engagement, we are enabling and inspiring people around the globe to take real, meaningful action. And together, we are winning battles.

UC knows every one of us has the power to make an impact and will take action once educated. By bringing conservation into the mainstream – to your home, business, school, theater and where you would least expect it - and by leveraging innovative media, technology and grassroots campaigns, we aim to magnify and mobilize a global movement to save our world. With your help, we know we can.

What if conservation became easier than rallies, protests, radical groups and letter writing? What if the ability to save ecosystems, species and ultimately humanity was put into your hands and was as easy as the click of the mouse? What if the power returned to the people? What if we united and started a revolution to save the planet, and ultimately ourselves?

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