United Conservationists
June 7, 2019

For a limited time LUSH has brought back their popular Shark Fin Soap for World Oceans Day. The blue wave-shaped bars adorned with a shark fin cost just 5.95 and are available across North America. This limited edition soap sells out quickly, so shop now in Canada or the U.S.

100% of the proceeds from LUSH’s Shark Attack and Healthy Oceans campaigns will go to support shark conservation, facilitating shark fin bans globally, and save the world’s oceans.

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed by humans every year – that’s over 11,000 every hour. Cruel and careless practices such as longline fishing have led to a 90% drop in shark populations in just 30 years – an unsustainable rate of decline that is turning apex predators into ghost stories and having a decimating impact on our oceans’ ecosystems. Many sharks are used for various products we don’t even realize contain shark, and more still are mutilated for their fins and then tossed back into the water to suffocate or be eaten alive. Now is the time to turn the tide on the demand for sharks – to stop consuming products that use sharks, and to call for a worldwide ban on all longline fishing and the possession of shark fins.

Take the pledge to join this effort to #SaveSharks, stop the #SharkAttack, and go #FinFree today:

In Canada:
In French Canada:
In the U.S.:


United Conservationists
June 6, 2019

Now Available on Amazon Prime and Crave TV!

Sharkwater Extinction saw its world premiere at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, debuting to a standing ovation.

The inspiring documentary follows his journey to expose the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it, which is leading to the decimation of sharks in our oceans. It also unveils the fact that endangered sharks are being added to many of our everyday products, even those intended for human consumption.

Rob Stewart was in the midst of completing his third and final film, when he tragically passed while diving off the Florida Keys in January of 2017. Friends and family of Rob made it their mission to complete the film and honor his legacy.

The film has gone on to win 28 awards, in 40 festivals and continues to win more across the globe.

Be sure to check out the inspiring documentary, which is jam-packed with action and adventure, as it follows Rob Stewart’s eye-opening fight to save sharks. It’s now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, and other streaming platforms, including Crave TV in Canada and Amazon Prime in the United States, Germany, Japan and more. It’s coming soon (July 21, 2019) to Amazon Prime in Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. ~Emily Chavez


United Conservationists
May 10, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that Rob’s latest movie is nearly finished and will be launching shortly.

Ahead of its release, the production team has launched an exclusive teaser and you get to see it first. Watch a sneak peek.

The teaser features a song written for Rob and performed by award winning singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, a truly moving tribute titled "Child of the Water."

As you know, Rob dedicated his life to saving sharks. His new movie furthers this critical mission, exposing the issues facing sharks – and the world’s populations that rely upon these predators and healthy oceans for our very survival.

Like and share to get involved in the mission and stay tuned to our news feed to receive early information about the upcoming release, campaigns and launch events.


United Conservationists
July 22, 2016

Malibu, California (Friday, July 22 2016)

Teaming up with Pretoma Costa Rica, United Conservationists embarks on a campaign to help stop the consumption of shark fins and end illegal shark finning. Through three dedicated initiatives we donated $30,000 to help fund drone operators in the Cocos Islands, drones were donated by Precision Drone to help deliver the evidence we needed to expose illegal shark finishing. Not only were we able to help use this footage to catch illegal shark finishing but we also managed to capture some amazing footage for the Sharkwater 2; Final Extinction project.

From the funding we also helped to support "Say No to Eating Shark." Pretoma's project focuses on protecting Hammerhead sharks in Costa Rican waters through a number of activities including advocacy and policy work. Reaching the general public with the conservation message would help generate some debate and publicity for an iconic species and an urgent issue.

We also helped to send the leading shark fin identification experts in South America to help identify illegal fins moving through Panama along with run clinics for local enforcement to help educate them on the identification process. This helps us identify more illegal finning and which species of sharks are also the most at risk.

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