United Conservationists
June 16, 2011

United Conservationists is a different kind of conservation group. We believe in you, in humanity, and the fact that we are all inherently good deep down inside. In fact, we’ve already proven it. See, some of our founders made a little movie called Sharkwater. Soon NGOs started popping up and government policy started changing. All it took was information and a spark, and the world will never be the same.

But the problem is bigger now. Its not just animals and ecosystems that are in danger, now humanity is at stake, and we don’t have much time.

We’re counting on you to change the world, but you won’t do it alone. We’ll be bringing you allies, by packaging crucial information in groundbreaking entertainment to unite conservationists across the world as a force for change.

For those of you that are new - welcome. Our world community has never needed you more. But if you’ve already changed the world, as many of you have, you know who you are - you’re a United Conservationist. And we know you’re going to do it again.

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United Conservationists