United Conservationists
March 25, 2020


Team Sharkwater completed filming and baseline research through the expedition in the British Virgin Islands. A Special thank you to Sir Richard Branson who joined us diving from his beautiful island, Necker, and amazing organizer Lauren Keil from Unite BVI, who helped coordinate all the government ministries and film commission. Our hope for the trip is to provide research to add further shark protections and more protected marine areas in the Caribbean, something Sir Richard Branson and Rob Stewart campaigned tirelessly for. At the St Maarten Conference, they outlined how sharks migrate thousands of miles and to protect these beautiful creatures, we must provide safe passage through many countries.

The British Virgin Islands are a beautiful location to work in; our heartfelt thank you to all participants, we couldn’t have done it without you!

With a baseline for research, we’ll be back next year to do more research for sharks, the oceans and more protections.

Our international crew is now safe back home, but it was a rush to repatriate before the travel bans were put into place. Some were already under travel bans, but were invaluable in organizing and planning and there in spirit.

Filipe DeAndrade (Director of Photography, National Geographic Host and Producer), Regi Domingo (Nakawe Project, Filmmaker), Larry Curtis (Cinematographer), Pam Eichner (Actor), Renee Capozzola (Award-winning underwater photographer), Alex Antoniou (Fins Attached, Research), Will Allen (Cinematographer), Randall Arauz, Mauricio Hoyos (Research), and so many more, we can’t name them all.


Please stay safe: avoid crowds, practice social distancing, wash your hands, take government suggestions seriously. We all hope the COVID-19 crisis ends soon, so you and your families, friends and our Sharkwater teammates and everyone working for a better future can be safe, get back to work, get your kids get back to school and the world returns to normal.

Our team continues to work through this crisis remotely and all our services will continue.

Thank you for being part of our community.

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United Conservationists