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Written by United Conservationists.

In April 2002, photographer Rob Stewart set out to make a film to save sharks. After five years, 12 countries, attempted murder charges, arrests, espionage, corrupt governments, and massive public action, the film Sharkwater was born. What happened next was inspiring. People around the world rallied around sharks, starting dozens of NGOs, lobbying governments, and changing policy all over the world. Sharkwater resulted in massive change for sharks.


Every day, the United Conservationists movement gains momentum, serving as an inspiration to children and adults all over the world. By educating the public, making conservation cool and accessible to everyone, enabling people to get involved, and showing them how, United Conservationists is literally conservation “for the people by the people.” Who knew conservation could be so rewarding and fun?

Tragically, on January 31st, 2017, United Conservationists lost its dear founder, Rob Stewart. We continue his mission through millions of followers around the world.

There has never been a more active population, a more captive audience, a more fragile planet, or the available technology to affect change on as massive a scale as there is today. We will succeed, but we need your help.

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