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FIN FREE Sponsors Grenada's Spicemas Queen Show and Carnival

Written by Dustin Titus.

Malibu, California (June 16, 2016)
With the announcement of four new shark sanctuaries in the Caribbean United Conservationists have teamed up with PEW to help support their involvement in Grenada. Together, the new sanctuaries cover a total of 46,190 square miles (119,631 square kilometers), raising the total number of Caribbean sanctuaries to seven.
United Conservationists will sponsor the Spicemas Queen Show and Carnival in Grenada to help bring awareness to the Fin Free program and Grenada's Legislation to become a global shark conservation leader.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Unite founder, said: “We applaud the steps taken by Caribbean island governments to conserve sharks in their waters. To these governments, sharks are worth far more alive than dead. We are delighted and encouraged to see this bold action being taken to protect Caribbean ecosystems and bolster ecotourism industries.”

“St. Maarten and the Cayman Islands have joined a progressive group of leaders in global shark conservation by choosing to fully protect the diverse but vulnerable shark and ray species found in their waters,” said Luke Warwick, director of Pew’s global shark conservation campaign. “We look forward to continued expansion of shark conservation in the Caribbean to secure the region as a safe haven for threatened shark species.”


For more information on Spicemas and PEW's involvement in making Grenada a Global Shark Sanctuary read these articles:

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